Book Lover’s Day – Flock’s favourite classic reads

To celebrate Book Lover’s Day this week we set some of the Flock labels a challenge: choose your favourite classic read and style an outfit using pieces from the shop inspired by your book choice.

Here’s what they came up with…


Hearts and Guns: ‘The Color Purple’

Book Lover's Day - The Color Purple cover

Written by Alice Walker in 1982 The Color Purple is an award-winning novel exploring the lives of its African-American female characters in rural Georgia in the 1930s. This powerful, and at many times harrowing, novel was chosen by Laura of Hearts and Guns for its portrayal of sewing and its role in transforming the life of the novel’s heroine Celie…

Book Lover's Day - The Color Purple cover

Handmade white cotton & lace smock dress by Hearts and Guns, vintage patchwork blanket from Pick Up Sticks Vintage, rosary from Hearts and Guns


Pick Up Sticks Vintage: ‘The Great Gatsby’

Book Lover's Day - The Great Gatsby cover

This rip-roaring classic by F. Scott Fitzgerald published in 1925 features all the splendour, and torment, of the era. Selected by Kate of Pick Up Sticks Vintage whose collection of exquisite true-vintage 1920s clothing could rival that of Daisy Fay Buchanan, and gets snapped up pretty promptly when it arrives in the shop.

Book Lover's Day - The Great Gatsby

Vintage velvet cape and vintage turquoise gloves from Pick Up Sticks Vintage, handmade lace dress by Hearts and Guns


Palomita Jewellery: ‘The House of the Spirits’

Book Lover's Day - The House of the Spirits cover

The debut novel by Isabel Allende, though not confirmed by name by the author, is widely supposed as set in her native Chile, just south of Peru – Francesca of Palomita’s country of heritage. This beautifully constructed tome tells the tale of four generations of the Trueba family – a troupe of characters as vibrant as Palomita’s signature beetle-shell necklaces!

Book Lover's Day - The House of the Spirits

Beetleshell necklace by Palomita Jewellery, handmade waistcoat by Hearts and Guns, vintage embroidered Mexican smock dress from Pick Up Sticks Vintage


The Emperor’s Old Clothes: ‘Anna Karenina’

Book Lover's Day - Anna Karenina cover

This tragic tale by Leo Tolstoy is rich in flawless characters and 19th Century Russian high societal etiquette. Returning to the novel three times in the last fifteen years Cecily of The Emperor’s Old Clothes has even taken direct inspiration from the book creating the ‘Count Vronsky Coat’ in 2014.

Book Lover's Day - Anna Karenina

Handmade purple wool dress by The Emperor’s Old Clothes, fur collar from Hearts and Guns, vintage black shawl and black lace from Pick Up Sticks Vintage, necklace by Palomita Jewellery

Well that reading list should keep you going well into 2017. Have you read any of the above? Do you have a favourite book that inspires your style? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below or via social media @FlockBrighton Twitter & Instagram, /flockbrighton Facebook



  • Beautiful beautiful! What a great game! I wanna play too! The only one I haven’t read is Anna Karenina, but fear it will be a weepy, so must wait until I feel the crying urge to read it. Xxxx

    10th August 2016 at 11:15 am

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