Meet the Maker & Curator: Patchy & Phinch

We’re excited to introduce the latest additions to the Flock – Patchy & Phinch! Let’s get to know them better…

Who are Patchy & Phinch? Where are you from?

Meet the Maker & Curator - Patchy & Phinch - Flock Brighton


We are Alison Skinner and Pamela Hinchliffe. Both originally from the north, we have followed the sunshine down to the south coast and can now be found in Kemptown and Hove.

Meet the Maker & Curator - Patchy & Phinch - Flock Brighton


How did you meet / what made you decide to team up?

We met through our mutual love of beautiful clothes and textiles. From fashion and fabrics, friendship quickly followed.

Alison is an interior designer and has a wonderful eye for colour, structure and form & enjoys making items with vintage fabrics & I curate & look after old clothes and speculate on the things they have seen. We decided to team up because, having collected wonderful things for so long, we have run out of storage space.


Meet the Maker & Curator - Patchy & Phinch - Flock Brighton

What do you consider when sourcing vintage pieces?

Condition is important. But some very old pieces are fabulous, despite their condition. Darning tells of a different time, when clothes were kept and cared for and often the repairs are beautiful additions. We also have lovely old objects like French storage jars or deco teapots. Alison makes fabulous cushions from old French and Hungarian linens. So we look for quality materials, interesting prints and a sense of nostalgia that bring joy to your day.

Meet the Maker & Curator - Patchy & Phinch - Flock Brighton


What type of piece do you most enjoy searching for?

I love workwear. The day to day clothes that are harder to find because they were worn. That said, who can resist a wonderful ball gown with sequins and tulle?

Meet the Maker & Curator - Patchy & Phinch - Flock Brighton

Where do you source your items?


Everywhere I go. I can’t resist markets. I bought the most wonderful 1920’s Assuit shawl from a market in Nice. I love finding things that people have forgotten or don’t want anymore. On Sunday I found a 1940’s ‘New Look’ wool coat with a silk lining in a charity shop. It had clearly been kept in a wardrobe for many years and had probably only been worn for ‘best’. It hung forlornly on a rail with all the contemporary castoffs. Now it has been steamed and hung on a padded silk hanger. I love it!

Meet the Maker & Curator - Patchy & Phinch - Flock Brighton

How did you get into interior design?


I accidentally became an interior decorator after painting a friends house and loving the whole process!   I then did an interior design course & qualified in 2004. I offer a full interior design service from consultations to project management.


What is your favourite textile to work with?


I am very passionate about working with vintage linens.  I’ve upholstered chairs in vintage sacking & create beautiful cushion covers.

Meet the Maker & Curator - Patchy & Phinch - Flock Brighton

What’s inspiring you right now?


I’m loving large plants bringing in luscious greens, paired with very soft pinks – looks stunning!  


Can people find you online?
Yes, my website is or email directly on


Thanks ladies! We’re so delighted to have you on board. Have you checked out Patchy & Phinch at Flock yet?

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