Meet the Maker: Hearts and Guns

Part 3 of our Meet the Maker blog series introduces the lovely Laura Powell of Hearts and Guns who designs and creates beautiful boho-style one-off pieces from vintage fabrics, sheepskin and lace.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from the Midlands but studied at Uni in Huddersfield where I lived for 6 years before moving to Brighton.

Meet the Maker: Hearts and Guns

How long have you been running your label?

I’ve been running my label since I graduated from Uni about 10 years ago.

Meet the Maker: Hearts and Guns fabrics

What is your making process?

My making process usually begins by me gathering lots of fabrics and putting them together in piles of contrasting colours or materials with a particular idea in mind of an item or collection of garments that I want to produce.

Meet the Maker: Hearts and Guns tapestry fabrics

What is the first item you made as Hearts And Guns?

The first item I made as Hearts and Guns was a dress created from a re-cycled kilt with applique detail and pockets.

Meet the Maker Hearts and Guns lace tops

What is your favourite material?

My favourite material would have to be silk as I love how fine and soft it is and how lovely it is to wear.

Meet the Maker Hearts and Guns sheepskin waistcoat

Which type of piece do you most enjoy creating?

My favourite garments to create are my sheepskin collared waistcoats with vintage embroidery detail. I enjoy working with the heavier fabrics on my industrial machine as many of the fabrics I use are very delicate.

 Meet the Maker: Hearts and Guns little helper

What’s has been your favourite photoshoot?

My favourite photo shoot so far was the Sirens shoot I did with the photographer Erika Szostak. I love her work and we ended up with some really special Mermaid inspired pictures.

Hearts and Guns at Flock boutique Brighton

Where do you work?

I work at home in my studio.

Meet the Maker: Hearts and Guns Studio

What’s inspiring you right now?

Right now I’m feeling inspired by lighter fabrics.. vintage lace, silks and embroidery as I’m able to use them again after the winter which makes me really happy!

Meet the Maker: Hearts and Guns cutting lace

Where do you sell online?

ASOS & Etsy

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