Meet the Maker: Pick Up Sticks Vintage

Here at Flock we specialise in vintage and handmade items bringing together a group of local labels that each create or source our beautiful wares. Over the next few months we’re inviting you to Meet the Makers with a series of interviews with the talented individuals behind the labels. We begin this week with Kate from Pick Up Sticks Vintage who sources antique and vintage haberdashery, homewares and clothing:

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Where are you from?

Originally from New Zealand, I have been living in the UK now for 20 years!


How long have you been running your label?

I started buying and selling vintage bits about five years ago…and started my label shortly after that.


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What do you consider when sourcing vintage pieces?

I look for age and condition…you can date many textile items by looking at the fabric e.g. is it a natural fiber like cotton or silk or an artificial fabric? Is it hand stitched or machine made?  And when buying vintage clothing I also look at the size… As many vintage items are just too small for our modern figures!


Meet the Maker Pick Up Sticks Vintage Victorian blouse


What is the first item you ever sold?

One my first buys was a large lot of fabrics which I bought from a local auction house. Included in it was a selection of delicate Victorian lace collars and cuffs… these pieces were so amazingly beautiful I was instantly hooked!


Meet the Maker Pick Up Sticks Vintage haberdashery


What is your favourite type of haberdashery?

Too difficult to answer! I am equally drawn to the bright colours of a vintage silk Kimono obi belt or the amazing detail of a Victorian embroidered trim as I am to the delicate thread work of a lace collar… Anything that has been lovingly hand worked and that carries its history in every thread.


Meet the Maker Pick Up Sticks Vintage kimono and headscarf


What type of piece do you most enjoy searching for?

Everything I stock in the shop is something I love… I am especially proud of my ever expanding vintage clothing range. A handpicked selection of pretty Victorian shawls, 1930s embroidered silk slips, vintage day dresses from the 1940s and 1950s and 1970s folk dresses and waistcoats.


Meet the Maker Pick Up Sticks Vintage market shopping


Where do you source your items?

I source my vintage finds far and wide from local antique fairs to French brocantes and Asian flea markets which is why I have such an eclectic mix. I can arrive home with anything from antique textiles to old French buttons, hand painted tea sets or carved gentlemen’s pipes!


Meet the Maker Pick Up Sticks Vintage


Has the type of item you look for changed over time?

Not really. I still mostly source vintage and antique textiles, haberdashery and clothing but have started to introduce some more contemporary handmade bits – like the selection of hand woven hand dyed indigo hemp I found recently in Vietnam.


Meet the Maker Pick Up Sticks Vintage market shopping


What’s inspiring you right now?

Blue! Mostly inspired by my new collection of hand dyed indigo fabrics…but I’m also taking inspiration from anything from vintage denim and work wear to antique Japanese boro fabrics…and blue is such a great colour for summer!


Where do you sell online?

I sell online through my Etsy shop


Thanks Kate! You can come and browse her beautiful wares at Flock or if you can’t make it to Brighton soon give her Etsy shop a gander…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first Meet the Maker post – we’ll be introducing the rest of the Flock over the coming months so keep an eye on our blog, Facebook page & Instagram @flockbrighton for more details


Meet the Maker Pick Up Sticks Vintage

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