Pattern, texture, colour and detail are the basis for the vintage collections from Kate Branthwaite

pick up sticks vintage buttons
pick up sticks vintage hilltribe fabrics

I source my vintage finds far and wide from local antique fairs to French brocantes and Asian flea markets which is why I have such an eclectic mix. I can arrive home with anything from antique textiles to old French buttons, hand painted tea sets or carved gentlemen’s pipes!

pick up sticks vintage ribbon
Pick Up Sticks Vintage - Flock Brighton
Pick Up Sticks Vintage - Flock Brighton

Everything I stock in the shop is something I love…I am especially proud of my ever expanding vintage clothing range. A handpicked selection of pretty Victorian shawls, 1930s embroidered silk slips, vintage day dresses from the 1940s and 1950s and 1970s folk dresses and waistcoats.

pick up sticks vintage pipes
Pick Up Sticks Vintage - Flock Brighton
pick up sticks vintage ribbons and threads

I am as equally drawn to the bright colours of a vintage silk Kimono or the amazing detail of a Victorian embroidered shawl, as I am to the delicate thread work of a lace collar… anything that has been lovingly hand worked and that carries its history in every thread.

pick up sticks vintage French trims
pick up sticks vintage silk slip and vintage bedspread

Why ‘pick up sticks’? It is believed the old nursery rhyme ‘One Two Buckle my shoe’ actually refers to lacemaking…

'One, two, Buckle my shoe;

Three, four, Open the door; (the lace maker preparing for work)

Five, six, Pick up sticks;

Seven, eight, Lay them straight: (wooden pins used on a lacemaking ‘machine’ are laid across the fabric)

Nine, ten, a big, fat hen; (a pillow that supports the lacework)'

pick up sticks vintage scarves and hats

I hope you enjoy my collections as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.